Time of Sale (Truth in Housing)

Time of Sale (Truth in Housing)

​Searchlight Inspections, LLC. only does TOS inspections in Bloomington and Hopkins

(Consult your local city for selling requirements)

Before a home can be sold in Bloomington or Hopkins , it needs to have a time of sale inspection.

The Housing Evaluation Report offers a limited overview of the condition of a building's components and fixtures. It is not technically extensive and prospective buyers may decide to seek additional evaluation from independent housing inspectors prior to purchasing a dwelling.

An Evaluation Report must be obtained before a dwelling is shown for sale. The original Report issued for the dwelling must be displayed on the site and provided to the buyer before or at the time of sale of the dwelling. A copy of the Report must be submitted to the City of Bloomington within 7 calendar days after the evaluation has been made by the evaluator or evaluator's agent.

The evaluator is not required to evaluate inaccessible, concealed or unsafe areas; climb up on roofs; or disassemble items. The Report does not address environmental hazards such as lead paint, radon or asbestos.

The Report is valid for one year from the date of issue and only for the owner named on the report.