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A House is a Home

A House is a Home

A House is a Home

We understand that purchasing a house is more than a financial decision. It is a place to build dreams, to share with friends and family. A home needs to be safe. We treat the home and belongings with respect as we investigate all safely accessible components of the home, review the home and report with the client, and discuss any concerns as well as point out the good features in a home.


Brian Buxton

A House is a Home

A House is a Home

Brian is a certified home inspector and radon tester. Brian is a member of InterNachi. He is knowledgeable, comprehensive, and knows how to put the concerns of a home into perspective. Contact Brian at 952.449.1584


Steve Sorenson

A House is a Home

Steve Sorenson

Steve has a background in home construction and remodeling. He has been inspecting over 14 years. He is a certified inspector and radon tester. Steve is a member of InterNachi.  He is licensed to do Time of Sale inspections in Bloomington and Hopkins. Contact Steve at 612.749.0244

Our Services


Featured Service #1

For home buyers: We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of every safely accessible component of the home. We spend 2-3 hours average inspecting the home. When we are done, we walk through the property with the buyers and discuss any concerns. Agents are always invited to join us. A report with photos is made available within 24 hours. 


Featured Service #2

For home sellers: Steve is licensed to do truth in housing inspections in Bloomington and Hopkins. Brian and Steve both do pre-sale consultations for those who want their home in optimal shape before selling.


Featured Service #3

Radon testing: Radon is a radioactive soil gas that often becomes concentrated in basements. Radon can cause lung cancer. Over half of the homes we test have high levels of radon. We offer a 48 hour radon test. If radon levels are near or above 4 pCli, we recommend mitigation to reduce the radon levels.

Cost of a radon test is $150.  

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*Radon Testing is $150 and requires advance notice.